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    Apex was founded in 2018 by young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a big experience in the telecommunications industry; the company was born as retail operator, mainly oriented on ethnic market.
    Again today a part of Apex’s traffic is the “organic” retail, coming from the ethnic market channels. Apex is focused on the voice wholesale market where it has partnerships with the world's largest operators: Versatility of the offered voip terminations allow us to be oriented to the customer’s needs.
    We are able to work on direct terminations, grey routes and blended routes to offer a perfect mix between price and quality.
    Sustainability and flexibility are our hallmarks on the payment terms. We always try to establish bilateral interconnections to be balanced with our partners and create swap deals.
    Evolution and extension of the business areas of interest, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and partnerships in the different branches of the telco business (voice, sms, datas, a2p apps ecc.).

    Since 2020 we developed a new area of expertise that focus in web marketing and digital communication.
    We use our specialized know-how to intervene on all aspects of 360 ° communication and corporate digitization, using our wide range of professional network of collaborations across Europe, such us Marketing specialists, Drone videos filmakers, Designers, Web developers and so on. Therefore, we can provide an extensive range of solutions and services tailored for our clients.

    Straight to your target!
    Our web & Social team can provide tailored strategy to push your activities through the web to reach your audience without wasting effort and budget.
    Websites, Social media strategy, ecommerce, Mail marketing are just some of the possibilities. Let's talk about it together.

    We are able to provide a wide range of service for your communication needs:
    Corporate identity.
    Visual Design for online and offline applications.
    Film making.
    Article and text production and review.
    Drone shots.
    Photo sets.
    High ends and illustrated Maps.
    Packaging design.
    Reach your audience with high-level content!

    Get Funding Share your business plan with us, and we will help you to find an investor or get funded in different ways.
    • Venture capital
    • Crowd funding
    • Business loans
    • SBA-guaranteed loans
    • Small business administration investment programs
    • Angel investors
    • Supplier or wholesaler  financing
    Financial services Through analysis of the financial statements of the company, self-employed and individuals to present the better of the reports or follow guidelines, for achieving the best fund according to the needs of each client.
    • Analysis of investments for idle capital or savings that require profitability.
    • Account openings for non-residents who require the same for their establishment In our country
    • Submit any type of claim to any previous financial institution evaluation of the facts that motivate it.
    • Interfere in whatever type of controversy generated with any financial entity of our country.
    We will do the screening of the different methods to get funded, we will help you to choose the best one for your business, and we will follow all the due diligence activities.

    APEX is a flexible network of professionals
    ready to satisfy every single aspect of corporate communication,
    from technology to content making.

    A tailor made experience for each customer.

    Our mission is to bring our customers closer to their target, through experience, technology and teamwork.​

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